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ICBC Changes - September 2019

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Changes to the renewal process: What to bring to your broker:

- The driver's licence number and date of birth for each driver you want to list on your policy

- Of the listed drivers, who is the principal driver

- If your car is driven less than 5,000 km in a year, a photo of your current odometer reading (a potential discount may apply at your next renewal).

The way we set insurance premiums

Experience and crash history affect what you pay

The first part of your Basic insurance premium looks at driving experience and crash history.

These two factors already affect your premium today, but from September 1, 2019, they will have a greater impact. In general, the more crashes you cause, the more you will pay in insurance. The more years of driving experience you accumulate, the more discounts you’ll earn.

We will also ask that you list who drives your car so they can be noted on your policy. Household members, employees and regular drivers should be listed if they're going to use your car. If a learner will be driving your car, a new additional premium will also apply.

This is the area that will be changing the most for B.C. drivers – find out all the details below or watch our video to learn more

A greater focus on care

One of our top priorities is to make sure customers get the care and support they need when they've been injured in a crash. Starting April 1, 2019, we've improved ICBC Accident Benefits and taken steps to reduce legal costs to ensure customers can focus on what matters most – their recovery.

You're covered for more care

ICBC Accident Benefits, included in your Basic insurance, are there to support you if you get injured in a crash. Your benefits cover medical care, treatment and rehabilitation expenses, and wage loss if you're unable to work.

The benefits are available for all British Columbians injured in a crash, whether or not you caused it.

Watch our video on how ICBC and health professionals are shifting the focus to care and treatment.

Safer roads to reduce crashes

There are more crashes on B.C. roads than ever before, leading to more and more claims every year. We're working to create a safe driving culture and help prevent crashes from happening in the first place.

Higher penalties for distracted driving

We made changes to Driver Risk Premiums so that distracted driving is designated a high-risk driving behaviour.

Drivers with two convictions for using an electronic device while driving in a three-year period will face as much as $2,400 in fines and premiums, over and above any vehicle insurance premiums. And this amount will go up by a further 20 per cent in November 2019.

Testing new technology for inexperienced drivers

We're continuing our research into telematics to determine whether using this technology can improve road safety and driving behaviour for inexperienced drivers in B.C. We're involving drivers with less than five years of driving experience in a pilot to test a new tool that can monitor driving behaviour.

Making roads and intersections safer

We continue to work with the Ministry of Transportation to improve road infrastructure, regulation and signage in all communities across B.C.

Intersection safety cameras and red light cameras across the province are now active 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We're also working to upgrade the existing cameras to identify and ticket speeding drivers at key intersections.

Vehicle repair costs

The number of crashes in our province are increasing every year, and with that, the number of vehicle damage claims. We're working with the vehicle repair industry in B.C. to make sure customers get the highest standard of repairs at the best price.

Why do we need changes to repair costs?

There are approximately 500 ICBC-accredited collision repair shops and 500 glass repair shops across the province. Our payments to these suppliers to cover repairs for customers have grown dramatically over the years and some policies are outdated.

Working with industry to modernize supplier programs

We're working with industry and their associations to modernize our supplier programs to ensure that customers continue to receive high standards of vehicle repairs at the best market value.

Modernizing our programs will ensure they reflect advances within the industry and recognize shops that invest in technician training, certification programs, advanced repair equipment and customer service.

Please visit to find out more before renewing your Autoplan.

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