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ICBC - Proving your driving experience

When applying for your B.C. licence, you'll need to provide proof of your previous driving experience.*

Your years of driving experience also helps to determine your insurance premiums.

*Starting September 1, 2019, new B.C. residents only need to provide their driver’s licence history — proof of insurance is no longer required.

Accepted documents

To prove your previous driving experience, you need to visit an ICBC Driver Licensing office and bring proof of how long you’ve had a full driver’s licence. This can be:

  • a current driver's licence (if the issue date shown is the date of your first licence)

  • an international driving permit (not expired more than five years) and its corresponding driver's licence (this permit is required if your current licence is not in English)

  • a driver's abstract a letter of experience from the licensing authority that issued your first licence (not a learner’s licence).

If your document is not in English, you'll need to get it translated from an ICBC approved translator.

Full-privilege B.C. driver's licence requirement

To get your full-privilege driver’s licence, you need to have held a driver’s licence (not a learner’s) for at least two years.

If you don't meet this requirement or can't prove it, you will enter the Graduated Licensing Program, which means you’ll start off with a Novice (N) licence that has some restrictions.

If possible, before you move to B.C, contact the issuer of your driver's licence to get an accepted document that shows the date you received your first non-learner driver's licence.

This document must: