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Low Kilometre Discount (new)

Updated: May 31, 2019

Starting September 2019, we will offer a new 10 per cent discount for vehicles that are driven less than 5,000 km in a year.

Who would benefit?

The discount may benefit those who do not regularly use their vehicle, for example, those who only drive on evenings and weekends, use public transportation to commute to school or work during the week, or simply have a second vehicle that’s not used very often.

The discount applies to Basic, Extended Third Party Liability and Collision premiums.


The discount is based on the mileage driven over the last 12 months. This is determined by an odometer reading from the previous policy term, and another at the policy’s renewal a year later.

Collecting odometer readings

We are now collecting odometer information to be able to offer this new discount, which would take effect starting September 2019. If you have a vehicle that may qualify for this new discount, you need to provide your vehicle’s odometer reading at your next annual renewal or new policy purchase.

Only annual policies are eligible for the discount (not short-term policies).

There are certain rate classes that will not be eligible, such as motorcycles and collector vehicles because their rate classes already reflect low kilometres travelled as most of these vehicles are not used year round. This discount is meant for those who are in rate classes where the majority of the vehicles are driven longer distances.

Talk to your broker if you have questions about your vehicle’s eligibility.

How the discount works

The qualifying period for the discount starts when you provide your Autoplan broker with the first vehicle odometer reading.

In a year’s time, at your annual renewal, the odometer reading will need to be provided again to determine if the vehicle was driven less than 5,000 km during the year. If eligible, the discount will then be applied at that time to your renewed policy. If the vehicle was driven 5,000 km or more, it will not be eligible for the discount.

Providing an odometer reading to your broker

To provide the odometer reading, you will need to show your broker one of the following:

a photo of the vehicle odometer taken within the last seven days a receipt or work order with an odometer reading dated within the last seven days from either a garage, a mechanic, an auto shop or auto dealership a reading through a service or app which reports vehicle information and diagnostics, generated within the last seven days.

Changes to your policy or transfers mid-term

Unfortunately, we cannot add or change odometer readings mid-way through your policy term. Interested customers can only provide their odometer reading at the time of their annual insurance renewal.

The low-kilometre discount cannot be transferred to another vehicle mid-term.

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